File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ac_list.c [code]List of actions, their command line names, and corresponding flags
actions.c [code]Common functions for action (name) handling
actions.h [code]Action handling header file
add_unvers.c [code]add and unversion action
add_unvers.h [code]add and unversion action header file
build.c [code]_build_new_list action file
build.h [code]_build_new_list action header file
cache.c [code]Some small caching primitives
cache.h [code]Cache header file
cat.c [code]cat action
cat.h [code]cat action header file
checkout.c [code]checkout action
checkout.h [code]Header file for the checkout action
checksum.c [code]CRC, manber functions
checksum.h [code]CRC, manber function header file
commit.c [code]commit action
commit.h [code]commit action header file
config.h [code]Autoconf results storage
cp_mv.c [code]cp and mv actions
cp_mv.h [code]cp and mv actions header file
diff.c [code]The diff command source file
diff.h [code]diff action header file
direnum.c [code]Directory enumerator functions
direnum.h [code]Directory enumerator header file
est_ops.c [code]Handling of single struct estat s
est_ops.h [code]Functions for handling of indiviual struct estats
export.c [code]export action
export.h [code]export action header file
fsvs-chrooter.c [code]A chroot environment for fsvs
fsvs.c [code]The central parts of fsvs (main)
global.h [code]Global definitions
hash_ops.c [code]Hash operations for copy/move detection
hash_ops.h [code]Hash operations header file
helper.c [code]General helper functions
helper.h [code]Helper functions header file
ignore.c [code]groups and ignore command and functions
ignore.h [code]ignore patterns header file
info.c [code]info action
info.h [code]info command header file
interface.h [code]Interface to the outside
log.c [code]Fetch log information from repository - log command
log.h [code]log action header file
options.c [code]Functions dealing with user settings
options.h [code]Functions dealing with user settings
preproc.h [code]Preprocessor macros for global use
props.c [code]Properties handling - prop-get, prop-set, prop-list
props.h [code]Property handling header file - prop-set, prop-get, prop-list
racallback.c [code]Callback functions, and cb__record_changes() editor
racallback.h [code]The cb__record_changes() and other callback functions header file
remote.c [code]remote-status command
remote.h [code]remote-status header file
resolve.c [code]The resolve command source file
resolve.h [code]resolve action header file
revert.c [code]revert action
revert.h [code]revert command header file
status.c [code]Functions for status reporting
status.h [code]status output header file
sync.c [code]Synchronize from repository - sync-repos command
sync.h [code]sync-repos action header file
update.c [code]update action
update.h [code]update action header file
url.c [code]urls action, and functions for URLs
url.h [code]Header file for the urls action and URL-related functions
waa.c [code]Handling of multiple struct estats, WAA (working copy administrative area) function
waa.h [code]WAA functions header file
warnings.c [code]Functions, enumerations and other private parts of the warning subsystem
warnings.h [code]Declarations and public enumerations for the warning subsystem

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