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cp and mv actions header file. More...

#include "actions.h"
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int cm__get_source (struct estat *sts, char *name, char **src_name, svn_revnum_t *src_rev, int register_for_cleanup)
 Returns the source of the given entry.


work_t cm__work
 For defining copyfrom relations.
work_t cm__detect
 For automatically finding relations.
work_t cm__uncopy
 For removing copyfrom relations.

Detailed Description

cp and mv actions header file.

Definition in file cp_mv.h.

Function Documentation

int cm__get_source ( struct estat sts,
char *  name,
char **  src_url,
svn_revnum_t *  src_rev,
int  register_for_cleanup 

Returns the source of the given entry.

Returns the source of the given entry.

Wrapper around cm___get_base_source() and cm___get_sub_source().

If *src_url is needed, it is allocated and must be free()ed after use.

If name is not given, it has to be calculated.

Both src_name and src_rev are optional. These are always set; if no source is defined, they're set to NULL, NULL and SVN_INVALID_REVNUM.

Uninitializing should be done via calling with sts==NULL; in this case the register_for_cleanup value is used as success flag.

If no source could be found, ENOENT is returned.

Definition at line 1712 of file cp_mv.c.

References cm___get_base_source(), cm___get_sub_source(), DEBUGP, estat::flags, estat::name, RF_COPY_BASE, and RF_COPY_SUB.

Referenced by cm__uncopy(), df__do_diff(), main(), rev__install_file(), st__print_entry_info(), and st__print_status().

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Variable Documentation

work_t cm__detect

For automatically finding relations.

Definition at line 21 of file cp_mv.h.

work_t cm__uncopy

For removing copyfrom relations.

Definition at line 23 of file cp_mv.h.

work_t cm__work

For defining copyfrom relations.

Definition at line 19 of file cp_mv.h.

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