Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
actionlist_tDefinition of an action
cache_entry_tWhat an internal cache entry looks like
cache_tCache structure
cm___candidate_tStructure for candidate retrieval
cs__manber_hashesThis structure is used for one big file
encoder_tStructure for an encoding process, with svn_stream_t input
estatThe central structure for data storage
free_estatSingle-linked list for storing the freed entries
grouping_tGroup structure
hash_sThe abstract hash type
hsh___listStructure for storing a number of data packets of size sizeof(void*)
ignore_tData storage for ignore patterns
opt___val_str_tA structure to associate a string with an integer
opt__list_tAn option entry
sstat_tA shortened struct stat64
t_manber_dataEverything needed to calculate manber-hashes out of a stream
t_manber_parmsCRC table
url_tAll the data FSVS must know about an URL
wa__warningsDefinitions for warnings
waa__entry_blocks_tEntry list for disk-order update

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