A small collection of HOW-TOs
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Here you see a small collection of HOW-TOs. More...


 HOWTO: Backup

This document is a step-by-step explanation how to do backups using FSVS.

 HOWTO: Master/Local repositories

This HOWTO describes how to use a single working copy with multiple repositories.

 HOWTO: Understand the entries' statii

Transitions between the various statii.

 HOWTO: About running fsvs on older systems

This document explains how the chroot-wrapper for FSVS works, and how it has to be configured.

Detailed Description

Here you see a small collection of HOW-TOs.

These aim to give you a small overview about common tasks.

The paths and examples are based on a current Debian/Testing, but should be easily transferable to other Linux distributions or other UNIXes.

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