Documentation for users

Here you find the basic documentations for FSVS. More...


 Semantics for an added/unversioned entry

Here's a small overview for the add and unversion actions.

 Commands and command line parameters

fsvs is a client for subversion repositories; it is designed for fast versioning of big directory trees.

 Using grouping patterns

Patterns are used to define groups for new entries; a group can be used to ignore the given entries, or to automatically set properties when the entry is taken on the entry list.

 Special property names
 Format of URLs

FSVS can use more than one URL; the given URLs are overlaid according to their priority.

 A small collection of HOW-TOs

Here you see a small collection of HOW-TOs.

 Further options for FSVS.

List of settings that modify FSVS' behaviour.

 Tips and tricks

This is a list of tips and tricks that you might find useful.

Detailed Description

Here you find the basic documentations for FSVS.

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