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Some description of data structures, and similar. More...


 What to do in case of errors
 First, please read the documentation to rule out the possibility that it's just a badly written sentence that caused misunderstanding.
 The internal design
 Entry data storage.
 The basic data structure for entries; an entry can be a file, directory, or special node (symlink or device).
 Debugging and error checking.
 Depending on configure options (--enable-debug, --enable-release) and system state (valgrind found) various debug and error check functions are compiled out.
 Global options.
 A list of variables that can be set by commandline parameters or environment variables; these are used in nearly every action.


apr_hash_t * ign___groups = NULL
 All groups, addressed by name.

Detailed Description

Some description of data structures, and similar.

Dear developers/debuggers,

thank you for your interest in fsvs.

I highly appreciate any help, tips and tricks, and even if it's just a bug report I want to know that.

I'm also looking forward to documentation updates, and notifying me about mistakes will be politely answered, too.

Variable Documentation

apr_hash_t* ign___groups = NULL

All groups, addressed by name.


Some thoughts about groups in FSVS.

Groups have to be considered as follows:

  • On commit the auto-props must be used
  • if an entry was added manually, they should apply as usual
  • unless they're overridden by prop-set or prop-del

The easiest way seems to be to write the properties in the filesystem when the entries are allocated for being stored in the entry list, ie. at add, prop-set or commit time. The simplest way to do that would be in waa__output_tree() - we see that an entry is newly allocated, and push all (not already set) properties there. But that wouldn't work with the prop-del command, as an automatically assigned property wouldn't get removed.

So there's the function ops__apply_group(), which is called in the appropriate places.

Definition at line 606 of file ignore.c.

Referenced by ign___new_group().

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