config.h File Reference

Autoconf results storage. More...

#include <linux/kdev_t.h>

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#define HAVE_VALGRIND   1
 Whether the valgrind headers were found.
#define ENABLE_DEBUG   1
 If this is defined, some re-arrangements in struct-layout are made, and additional bug-checking code may be included.
#define ENABLE_GCOV   1
 Whether gcov test-coverage is wanted.
#define WAA_WC_MD5_CHARS   4
 If set to 1, disable debug messages.
#define HAVE_LOCALES   1
 OpenBSD has no locales support.
#define AC_CV_C_UINT32_T   uint32_t
 Unsigned 32bit type.
#define HAVE_LINUX_TYPES_H   1
 Whether linux/types.h was found.
 Whether linux/unistd.h was found.
#define HAVE_DIRFD   1
 Whether dirfd() was found (dir__get_dir_size()).
 Whether there's an additional microsecond field in struct stat.
 The chroot jail path given at configure time.
#define HAVE_O_DIRECTORY   1
#define HAVE_LINUX_KDEV_T_H   1
 Does linux/kdev_t.h exist? Needed for MAJOR() and MINOR() macros.
#define FASTCALL
 Should we fake definitions?
#define HAVE_LCHOWN   1
 Changing owner/group for symlinks possible?
#define HAVE_LUTIMES   1
 Changing timestamp for symlinks?
 For Solaris 10, thanks Peter.
#define HAVE_STRSEP   1

Detailed Description

Autoconf results storage.

Definition in file config.h.

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#define FASTCALL

Should we fake definitions?

Error macro if no device definitions available. i386 has the attribute fastcall; this is used for a few small functions.

Definition at line 138 of file config.h.

#define HAVE_LCHOWN   1

Changing owner/group for symlinks possible?

Definition at line 142 of file config.h.

Referenced by Version().

#define HAVE_LUTIMES   1

Changing timestamp for symlinks?

Definition at line 144 of file config.h.

Referenced by Version().

#define HAVE_STRSEP   1

Definition at line 151 of file config.h.

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For Solaris 10, thanks Peter.

Definition at line 149 of file config.h.

Referenced by Version().

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